Progress Update

  • Posted on: 3 June 2015
  • By: anton

We are glad to present the first working lab prototype of the sensor unit for the CPTS-COPE.

The sensor unit includes a First Sensor silicon diode, the ASIC provided by IDEAS and a FPGA card. Our prototype marks the completion of the integration of the ASIC in our setup. The FPGA hardware and software is still under review. This prototype is capable of producing energy spectra, time series and count rates. It is also remotely controllable through an ethernet connection. This working lab prototype of the sensor unit marks an important step towards the completion of the CPTSCOPE electronics.

ASIC Test Rig

We have also completed a test version of our ground station graphical user interface (GUI).

This will provide us with real time data from our sensors and important flight data through our housekeeping sensors. This housekeeping data includes the altitude and position of the balloon, pressure, 10 temperatures and variations of these over time. The current status of the GUI is that the basic layout is completed and that the system is recording and evaluating data.

The Basic layout of our GUI
The basic layout of our GUI

​The basic layout of our GUI The CPT­SCOPE is moving swiftly forward to completion and will be launched in October 2015. As always we keep up the good work.

ASIC Test Team

Best from the CPT-SCOPE Team