Secondary School Program

  • Posted on: 15 June 2015
  • By: anton

The CPTSCOPE team has developed a program for school children. It aims at motivating students to study natural sciences and of course especially space technology.

Our school program is based on the Norwegian science curriculum. We present our current activities and explain new developments in Norwegian space research and the work of ESA.The program also challenges students through practical exercises allowing them to solve realistic problems given them unique handson experience.


Recently we have visited with our program schools in and around Trondheim. Norway which gave us the chance to share our Passion for space research with school pupils. We were met with a lot of enthusiasm for the European and Norwegian space activities, and had a lot of fun to answer the many excellent questions and the have the chance to the students’ own thoughts.

Students participated in practical work focused on solving small practical problems genuine to space development. We asked students to investigate how much weight a regular helium filled balloon is able to lift. The pupils amazed us with their motivation and their ability to solve problems by developing unique and innovative solutions to problems such as the attachment of weights to balloons, and how to regulate weight during “flight”.

To everybody's pleasure, the student groups achieved accurate and consistent results over several sessions.

Student Group

The pictures on this pages are taken from Sunnland Ungdomsskole, and we would like to thank the students and staff at Sunnland for their invitation and their participation in our school program. We enjoyed being at Sunnland, the student’s enthusiasm and the opportunity we had to learn together with the students.

The CPT-SCOPE outreach program for schools is something we value and enjoy greatly and we will continue to visit schools in the Trondheim region. Our program helps us share our knowledge of space to the next generation of researchers and share with them the fun of studying space.

Best from the CPT-SCOPE Team,